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The African Kingdom of ghana is sort of like the other Kingdoms, for example the Kingdom of Mali is just like Ghana because they are both in West African close to the sahara desert and so is the kingdom of songhai that’s one thing they all have thats in common. The African Kingdom of Ghana was a kingdom in Africa from the 6th till the 12th century. The trading activities in Ghana were mostly the sale of gold and Kola nuts.

In Ghana they also sold Ivory to cities along the Mediterranean in exchange for salt. These goods were shipped and transported by Camel riding. Ghana’s prosperity relied on Berbers Caravans. The Berbers complimented their income. Over time Ghana grew richer and expanded its territorial base. Relations between Ghana became much more hostile.
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In the 11th century the Almoravid dynasty of Morroco began to attract large numbers of Berbers. The Almoravids more powerful enough to launch conquest campaigns. They invaded Spain defeating the caliphate of Cordoba. Ghana didn’t recover its former glory and saw further decline as subject peoples broke free. Sort of the same thing was going on in the African Kingdom Mali they were also invading different places. In 1203 CE, Kumbi was taken by one of their former subject peoples. The Ghana is also known as Awkar. When the Gold Coast in 1957 became the first Country in sub- saharan Africa.

Ghana’s dynasty began is uncertain, they say the written records were written by Muhammad ibn Musa al-khwarizmi in 830. They claim that Ghana could “put 200,000 men into the field” (I don’t believe that). “The origins of Ghana have been dominated by fight between ethno-historic accounts and archaeological”. The origins of Ghana was dominated between two fights. The Tarikh al-fettash provides three different opinions One was that they were Black, that they were Wangara, and one was a Soninke

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