Kingdom Of Heaven Analysis

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A hundred and ninety four minutes epic historical movie entitled “Kingdom of Heaven” was released in 2005. The movie directed and produced by Ridley Scott and distributed by 20th Century Fox. It is a story about the struggle between Muslims and Christians for control of Jerusalem. Both of them fight in order to claim the city of Jerusalem as their land. The story begins when Godfrey of Ibelin was looking for his son. He found out that his son lives in a small village in France, and that he is a blacksmith named Balian. Godfrey makes an apology to his son for the reason that he left him since a long time ago. As an apology, Godfrey asks Balian to move to Jerusalem so he can start a better new life with his father. Balian makes a decision to…show more content…
For me, all of them gave an example of how the leader is concerned about his people’s life. As a Christian, King Baldwin IV respects his religion so he also respects Muslims. He was struggling with his illness and still fight to protect his people. Balian of Ibelin makes a decision to ensure the safety his people and not to sacrifice more lives in the middle of war. In Kingdom of Heaven, Ridley Scott gives a new perspective of Muslims in Hollywood movie. As a Muslim, I feel that this movie is an example of Hollywood movie that does not portray Muslims as villains. The movie showed that Sultan Salahuddin as a Muslim leader who has a great-hearted personality. Sultan Salahuddin does not act as a villain who will kill Christians without any reason. He started to fight Christians since Guy de Lusignan and Reynald de Chatillon attacked his people. So he tried to make a defense in order to protect his people from Christian’s attack. In the end of the movie, there is scene that shows how he respects Christians. It is when Sultan Salahuddin put back the cross symbol in the altar table at the castle. So beyond the debate or the conflict that is happening, in my opinion, it would be a wonderful life if all of our leaders in the world sincerely truly fight for humanity. Does it matter for a religion when we can life together in harmony
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