King's Acceptance Speech

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During his acceptance speech of the Nobel price,King has supported wholly-heartedly an inspirational theme.This essay is about to advance the idea that indeed purity of heart and true love are able to overpass any kind of racism and lead to a unified world.
While this may be true,still in every society there is always a group of people who is superstitious.They fear of any different situations possible to alter their life.In order to hide their fear they often tend to turn it into anger and mockery.This is the point when "the starless midnight of racism" makes its vicious appearance.Anger and mockery put in a margin people who are traced with marks of diversity such as age,gender,race,religion and any kind of retardeness.As a result,a world of hatred,isolation and discrimmination begins.
However,if one wishes to be called a
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All in all,acceptance of diversity is a significant component when it comes to the creation of the best possible image of the world.People should eliminate racist views and reject anything that pulls the trigger to difference.By doing so,both the 'victims ' and the 'victimizers ' become able to share a profound bond of solid co-existence.
To conclude,Martin Luther King offers the opportunity to awareness and motivation by uncovering a really delicate universal issue.Advocating the notion of a unified world,his inspirational theme beats on against the current and ceaselessly overpass the oppression of racism.In this way the splendor of a whole new world gets the chance to shine
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