Kings Park Research Paper

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Not bustling and boisterous as Melbourne or Sydney, Perth is attractive with its gentle and peaceful beauty. With fresh air, spectacular natural landscape of the farms flooded in sunshine and green parks, Perth is always among the most favorite tourist destinations. Kings Park is situated in Perth, Western Australia. With an area of over 400 acres, this park has become one of the largest park, even larger than the Central Park in New York. Kings Park possesses huge collection of plants and birds. There are over 300 species of plants and 80 different species of birds coexisting together in this park. The abundance of fauna and flora of the Kings Park has brought to the people in Perth a beautiful and tranquil space right in the heart of the city. Swan Bell is the largest musical instrument on earth. Designed with a unique architecture to…show more content…
Besides, mind-blowing exhibitions, puppet shows and performances promise to give visitors unforgettable entertainment experience. In addition, Discoverland will allow children aged from 3 to 7 to learn about science such as magnetic forces, electricity, and gravity… At Perth Zoo, you will have the opportunity to admire more than 230 unique animals that only appear in Australia. In addition, an extremely varied ecology will make you transfixed with stretching Sarah-van strips of Africa, tropical forests of Asia, the world of underground animal species, as well as area dedicated to the characterized animals of Australia. Perth Zoo is famous for the conservation and breeding of rare animal species at risk of extinction. Perth Mint is one of the oldest gold processing factory in the world. Besides looking at the pieces of pure gold and the largest gold ores in the world, you can join a tour presenting the production process of gold or look for yourself precious jewelry in the store at the Perth
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