Martin Luther King Jr.: Changing The World

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Martin Luther King Jr. was an African-American man in early 20th century America. During this time, he became an essential player in the American civil rights movement, a preacher, and a figurehead in the universal fight for equality. King Jr made use of his own life experience, advantages, trials and tribulations, faith, and courage to help change the world for the better. January 12th, 1939 Martin Luther King Jr as we know him, at the time named Michael King Jr, was born to Martin Luther Senior and Alberta Williams King in Atlanta, Georgia. The second child of the pair, Martin Luther King Jr. was born into a middle-class family allowing him stable access to education, a feat he grew to realize was not the case for most children of his race…show more content…
Dr. Kings faith encouraged his peaceful approach to changing the world we live in. His use of peaceful protests proved useful not only in achieving his goals but also in gaining a following. Martin Luther King Jr had many leadership qualities, he was very patient, recognizing that change wouldn 't happen overnight, he wasn 't afraid to ask for what he wanted in a confident but calm manner, recognizing that violence was only a temporary solution, he was quick to inspire and encourage others, and he was utterly devoted to his cause, going as far as to give his life for it in the end. In his speeches, he would commonly inspire others with his promises of a brighter future and references to his faith, well repeatedly affirming that he intended for the changes he spoke of to go threw, reassuring his listeners that the African-Americans of America would not waver in their goal, no matter how long it…show more content…
He became a figurehead of the struggle of African-Americans in the fight for equality. During his time as an activist, as a young pastor, he aided in leading the Montogomery bus boycott following the arrest of Rosa Parks from his church. The boycott was a grand success, lasting thirteen months, and ended in the U.S Supreme Court ruling that segregation on public buses was unconstitutional, a huge advancement early in his activist career. From Montogemry similar protests began to spread across the Southern United States, leading Marting Luther King Jr to found the SCLC, or Southern Christian Leadership Conference, to help organize and unify non-violent protest attempts. Today, the SCLC is fighting for the equal rights of everyone, regardless of race, gender, religion or background. King went on to receive a doctorate in philosophy in systemic theology from Boston University, and to become a Baptist minister. Dr.King was not only a man of the people but also a family man with his wife, Coretta Scott King, whom he married in 1953, he had four children. Two sons, Martin Luther King the third, and Dexter Scott King, as well as two daughters, Bernice and Yolanda King. Knowing that the future he was fighting for was the one his children would live in inspired King further. In his most remembered speech, "I Have a Dream", given during
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