Kingsbite Chocolate Case Study

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This essay examines on the branding of a locally produced commodity. It attempts to answer the question, to what extent does branding of a commodity affect the demand for it? – The case of Kingsbite Chocolate. Golden Tree is the company responsible for the Kingsbite milk chocolate brand. This Cocoa processing company Limited with majority of it being State-owned majority shares. Golden Tree has a mission to process some of Ghana’s cocoa locally rather than exporting all of it to foreign chocolate manufacturers. Kingsbite chocolate is made from cocoa and contains milk chocolate (35% milk solids]. Kingsbite chocolate itself has no shine to it. It looks a little bit dull and grainy, containing some small holes in the corners where
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Number of workers?
Current products?
Could the change in size be due to branding? (Pricing) Upon this that I want to conduct a research

I hypothesize that, the branding of the Kingsbite chocolate has a lot to do with the demand that it receives, as well as the success of the chocolate due to the brand campaign.

For a more credible research to be conducted, I decided to use both primary and secondary sources as tools for data collection. According to…
For my primary source of research, I issued out questionnaires with a total of 10 questions on each sheet of paper. The questions are short and concise in order to get accurate and straight forward answers. Also, I spoke to an official of Golden tree, in order to gain first-hand information.
For my secondary source of information, I attained some information from various text books, journals as well as internet
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National branding could be defined as brand marketed throughout a national market. National brands are owned and promoted usually by large manufacturers. In my opinion, a nation or country in itself is a brand through the use of tourism, growth, investment, trade, social and sporting exchange. A nation or country brand is also the nation’s identity in which has been consistently refined and internalized among the citizens and advertised projected for international recognition to build upon a favorable national image, and enhance nation competiveness. Switzerland births one of the best chocolates in the world simply because they understand branding, from packaging, to colors, to the ads you see on TV. They understand branding and they comprehend what is being talked about.
Demand could termed as the quantity of a good or service that consumers are willing and able to purchase at a given price in a given time period. The most important words in that phrase are “willingness and ability”. Willing to purchase a good or service is not good enough. The consumer must also be able to purchase it. The ability to buy. Meaning that the consumer must have the financial means to buy the product. This is basically effective demand and is reflected onto a demand curve.
The law Of Demand states that as the price of a particular product falls, the quantity demanded of the product will usually increase if all other things are equal, also known as ceteris

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