Kingsman The Secret Service Short Story Essay

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Kingsman the Secret Service Author Mr. Krunal sheth U & PU Patel Department of Computer Engineering, Chandubhai S Patel Institute of Technology, CHARUSAT, Changa – 388421 ________________________________________ Abstract We all see movies on a daily basis. For some it has became a part of their lives. Yes there are some movies which we can’t forget. As some of it gives inspiration, moto, entertainment etc. Key word Valentine, Eggsy, Hart ________________________________________ Introduction The topic for my project is ‘the movie you saw last”. So here am describing the story of what I saw. Cast: Taron Egerton (eggsy), Colin Firth (Harry Hart), Samuel jackson (Valentine), Sophie cookson (Roxxane) There was a sudden rapid attack in the middle east where a secret agent sacrifies himself to save his team. Feeling sad over the loss of his friend he (Harry hart) delivers bravery medal to the widow. Hart gives a message to the widow who has a son named eggsy, if they ever need any help they should call on a number printed on the back of the medal with a coded message. After around seventeen years later a professor expert in climate change named Arnold was kidnapped by an unidentified people who worked for Valentine a generous guy who is always there for the needy people. A kingsman agent Lancelot goes

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