Kingston's Struggle In The Woman Warrior

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In The Woman Warrior, Kingston develops the theme seed of strength and how Mulan demonstrates it to lead an army against the emperor in order to illustrate why Kingston looks up to Mulan for finding her motivation to go against the Chinese norms that follow her family to Chinatown. When Kingston enters the world in America, her mother immediately puts regulations on her so she will not be able to follow her dreams. At an older age mother repeatedly tells Kingston her future occupation when she gets older, a wife or a slave. Straight A Kingston refuses to have her dreams crushed so she looks to Mulan for inspiration to succeed in the Chinese culture. Mulan was a woman who lead an army whose purpose was to overthrow the emperor in the capital of…show more content…
As a result Mulan proves to Kingston that women can do anything men can. In reality, Kingston does not know how to face her mother, who repeatedly crushes her dreams of becoming who she wants to be. Brave Orchid even makes fun of her own daughter for trying to follow her dreams. Kingston looks up to Mulan to determine how to face her problems of the Chinese culture. Kingston learns that in order go against the cultural norms, she must first go against her mother, the main cause for her suffering in America. For example, Kingston refuses to cook and she will also break a few dishes, intentionally, while washing them. She intentionally burns food and occasionally lets the dishes rot. Had she not done this, Kingston would be a stay at home wife. This book may not have been even written if she did not go against her mother and the Chinese culture. By making up this story, Kingston was able to create a character who has the strength and bravery which Kingston wishes she has. The story also shows that if one person can achieve a goal which redefines a gender in a fantasy, why can't one recreate it in real
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