Kino And Juana's Relationship In The Pearl

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The Ever-Changing Relationship In The Pearl, John Steinbeck uses the protagonists to show how they continue to change throughout the novel as they encounter new and stressful situations. In the beginning of the novel, Juana and Kino are the typical 19th century couple where the husband is the head of the house. After the discovery of the pearl, their relationship begins to change as Juana starts to find her voice. By the end of the novel, the couple’s relationship has forever changed to one of mutual respect due to all they have gone through. Juana and Kino’s relationship grows and matures due to the events with which they are faced. At the beginning of the novel, kino and juana, the main protagonists, have the typical hHusband and wife relationship of the 19th century. Steinbeck writes, “She was looking at him as she was always looking at him when he awakened” (1). Juana, as the wife, is waiting for her husband to arise prior to beginning her daily chores. Another example that depicts their relationship is “Juana went to the fire pit and uncovered a coal and fanned it alive while she broke little…show more content…
Steinbeck He writes, “His eyes were shining with excitement, but in descendancy he pulled up his rock, and then he pulled up his basket of oysters and lifted them in. Juana sensed his excitement. And she pretended to look away.” ( 18 ) . Their relationship was that he Kino startsed becoming obsessed with the pearl, but he wantsed to keep it forever, but Jjuana tell old him that it was no good and could hurt a lot of people. As he moves on in the story he adds “But kino and juana did not know these things. Because they were happy and excited they thought everyone shared their joy…. ( 23). Kino and Juana was very happy that they found the pearl so they could afford to help their baby. This shows that kino started to become different once he was attached to the
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