Kinohimitsu Case Study

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1.0 Introduction
This assignment let students learn how to sell a new product to consumer. In this assignment we choose Kinohimitsu Company’s product which is Kinohimitsu J’Pan UV-Bright functional drink to sell to consumer. This product provides a few features, advantages and benefits to attract consumer. Kinohimitsu J’Pan UV-Bright functional drink practice segmentation, targeting, positioning and differentiation to target their prospect. This product is using 4 marketing strategies which is products, price, place and promotion to achieve their goals and retain their customers. Lastly, students will only focus on one product which is Kinohimitsu J’Pan UV-Bright functional drink in this assignment.
1.1 Background of the company
One of the proprietary drink of Kino Biotech Company is the Kinohimitsu. In the Taiwan 's GreTai Securities Market (GTSM), the Kino Biotech Company is known as a public listed company. It is stated that the company owns over 4500 points of sales across Asia countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China as well as its headquarter, Singapore with its core brands like Kinohimitsu, Activa and Xpertise. (Wikipedia, Kinohimitsu, 2015) Kino Biotech Company focused on product development, brand sale and distribution of healthcare, beauty products and services.
Kinohimitsu provides natural functional drink to consumer and the company is founded in year 1965 and it’s headquarter is in Singapore. Kinohimitsu is the number one most trusted
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