Tattoos On The Heart Analysis

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“Tattoos on the Heart” by Gregory Boyle, exemplified God’s work, compassion, and kinship. Father Boyle expressed God’s work when he created the Homeboy Industries while back to help turn Homeboys’ lives around. God’s work is in us all. “God can get tiny, if we’re not careful. I’m certain we all have an image of God that becomes the touchstone” (19). Father Boyle is my touchstone. I think of him when I think of God’s work. Father Boyle is living a life Jesus wants us to. He has put himself in danger to help the homies. He also has sacrificed the life he could have had to live with them. God, I guess is the reason we have compassion and kinship. One story Father Boyle tells in “Tattoos on the Heart” was about Rascal. He is not one to take advice.…show more content…
God is compassion. Father Boyle expresses compassion every time he helps a homie. Even if he doesn’t like someone he still shows love and care for them. This is was shown when Father Boyle helped Betito turn his life around. Betito was shot and was taken to the hospital. Father Boyle went to find the gang members who shot Betito. It was hard for Father Boyle not to hate the ones who shot Betito. But are they less worthy of compassion than Betito? (66). Father Boyle had trouble with this idea. However, God encouraged him to care and love for them. This is present in our society today. When someone hurts another, we care for the one who got hurt and show no compassion for the one whose fault it was. It is hard for us to show empathy toward the “bad”guy. It really does take God to help us. Father Boyle’s ability to care for everyone is incredible. His compassion toward the Homeboys has brought compassion to them. “‘G, I don’t know what’s happening to me, but it’s big. It’s like, for the first time in my life, I feel compassion for what other people suffer”. This was said by Memo. Father Boyle took him to a talk. They went through a very poor part of town and Memo started crying (82). The ability to spread compassion and teach it to others is hard. Father Boyle not only has brought empathy to the homeboys, but he has also taught the readers to care the everyone. He is compassionate. He always cares for the underdogs or the “bad” guys. No matter…show more content…
Jesus was one with the people. Father Boyle, as well, exemplified kinship. He gives respect to those whose dignity has been denied. He lives with the poor, powerless, and the voiceless. By this, he is one with the other. Father Boyle has hope and faith in every Homeboy he helps, including Bandit. Bandit lived his life locked up until he calls Father Boyle for help. Years later his daughter was going to college and he asked Father Boyle to bless her. Bandit is so proud of her as well as himself. “I’m proud of myself. All my life, people called me a lowlife. I guess I showed ‘em” (198). Father Boyle put himself with Bandit. He took him in and helped him fix his life. If he was not one with the other, the Homeboys would not receive the true kinship Father Boyle has expressed. Father Boyle never gave up on Bandit nor Grumpy. Grumpy was from Camp Munz and refused Father Boyle’s help. Many months later, Grumpy comes back and asks for Father Boyle’s help. Father Boyle never turned down the opportunity to help someone. He showed his love for every Homeboy no matter what. Father Boyle is the living Jesus Christ. This book shows us how to love, care, and help others as well as finding God in our daily life. “God is a God who waits” (128). Father Boyle is one who waits. He will never turn down helping the dear
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