Kinzua Dam Case Study

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An act of attacking with a Chemicl agent is typically from an aerosal type or disseminating the agent into other avenues of contact. However, for this particular scenario, a Chemical-Biological Agent will be used in the rare form of being part of an explosive. The particular chemical agent in reference will be petroleum-contaminated water. This will be dispersed through means of an explosive agent which will consequently aerosal this agent as well as contaminating a well known waterway. This scenario will play out in a small town in Northwest Pennsylvania, the attack will be on the Kinzue Dam on the Allegheny River. Chemical agents, or Chemical Warfare of this nature typically involves contamination or the after effects of an explosive…show more content…
Planning such an attack would involve little effort and could be carried out with man-made products as well as with minimal man power. This attack would play out in various situations that could all end with the same result. Scenario for terror attack on the Kinzua Dam: The Dam itself spans hundereds of feet in the air and hundreds of feet wide. This Dam creates its own power and is the main regulation of waterflow on the Allegheny River. One side of the Dam is a flowing river no more than thirty feet deep, the other side contains millions of gallons of water being held back. Six miles down the river is one of Pennsylvania 's largest petroleum manufacturing plant. The United Refinary Company creates petroleum with the power of the running river. Playing a role of a Terrorist, I would consider this to be not only a logical target, but a devastating one as well. Planning the attack would be as simple as finding means to create a massive bomb. Knowing the Kinzua Dam has a roadway on the top, we can think the most effective bomb would be through the back of a Semi-Truck. A petroleum filled semi with explosives on board would completely destroy this Dam. The explosion even on top of the dam would create a massive hole in which the water pressure would bring down the rest of the remaining…show more content…
When the water would finally reside, the after affects would be terrible. Toxic water fill people 's wells, houses, and businesses. This effect would not go away for any short amount of time. Petroleum would litter the entire eastern half of Pennsylvania. The number of lives that would be harmed by this attack would be countless. Countering an attack of this chemical and explosive type would be started with security measures. I would have one measure that is not in place that could aid in the countering of an attack of this magnitude. Regulating the traffic would be the best measure to counter this particular attack. There is a major roadway that travels perpendicular to the Dam, this road is a high traffic area. This roadway could be monitored as well as diverted further from the Dam. Driving to the Dam is an easy task, there are three parking lots within one hundred feet of a side of the Dam. Fishing and Boating is allowed within a quarter mile of the upper side of the Dam. The only resistance met on the upper side of the Dam are bouys with Posted Signs on them. Regulating the water traffic would enable a safer environment to the water and the Dam itself. Minimizing the public from going on to of the Dam would make this seem less appealing and more of a nuisance. If possible, keep the Dam out of the minds of the public and that would create less of a

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