Kiowa Six Analysis

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Jenny Tone-Pah-Hote’s presentation focused on the development of art and dance in the Kiowa tribe of Oklahoma. Through the use of art and dance, the native american peoples of the Kiowa tribe have long explained their histories, told their stories, and created biographical accounts of their lives. These forms of expression made for the basis of the Kiowa culture and identity, centuries before extensive contact was made with the european colonists. Traditionally, the “kiowa ideal male” was a strong and independent warrior, which was replicated and shown by the native art. As times began to change, what it meant to “be a Kiowa” was also altered as norms began to shift. Professor Tone-Pah-Hote argues that expressive culture played a central role in redefining Kiowa identity, particularly during the mid-twentieth century. In terms of crisis and resilience, the adaptation and evolution of the expressive culture allowed for Kiowa society to survive, avoiding “collapse.”…show more content…
They had a massively positive impact on Native American society as a whole because they were able to portray the modern life as a Native American while still respecting the traditional values and ways of their tribe. The Kiowa Six also exposed the “westernized” world to the beauty and complexity of Native American
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