Kira Kayak's Journey: The Cruelest Journey By Kira Salak

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Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, once said “ You must go into a quest of yourself, and you will find yourself again only in the simple and forgotten things.” Jung’s infamous quote means that you must go on a quest looking for something else, but then slowly start looking for yourself and once you find yourself, you realize it was there the whole time. That it could’ve been a simple process, but it wasn’t and that is the point of why many people go on quest. The story “ The Cruelest Journey” is a book written by a 46 year old woman, Kira Salak, who goes off on a journey down the Niger River in a kayak. Alone, she hopes to reach the port of Timbuktu alive after 600 miles of paddling. Her story about her journey includes much conflict and detail about her feelings and events that go down as she travels down the Niger. The story “ The Odyssey” by Homer is about Odysseus, a king of Greek mythology, who sets off on a journey from Ithaca that lasts 18 years. His story consists of his adventures of getting back home to Ithaca, and all the crazy events that happen in between. In “ The Cruelest Journey” by Kira Salak, conflict is shown when Kira is nearing the port of Timbuktu, and her whole body is feeling weak as she pushes on. In the story “ The Odyssey”, by Homer, King Odysseus approaches many situations of conflict. Odysseus and his men move toward conflict when looting the Cyclops 's cave. The authors use conflict to convey that people embark upon quests to achieve a goal and

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