Kiran Desai's Novel: The Inheritance Of Loss

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In this Major Project, I’m going to throw light on the rigidity prevalent in the Indian class system in context of Kiran Desai’s The Inheritance of Loss.
The novel, The Inheritance of Loss, opines with an Indian teenager, an orphan girl named, Sai. She lives with her Cambridge-educated Anglophile grandfather, Jemubhai Popatlal Patel. He is a retired judge. They reside in the town of Kalimpong on the Indian side of the Himalayas. Sai is deeply in love with Gyan, her maths tutor. Gyan is a descendant of a Nepali Gurkha mercenary. But he recoils from her obvious privilege and falls in with a group of ethnic Nepalese insurgents.
Also, the plot showcases the life of Biju. He is the son of Jemubhai’s cook. He belongs to the “shadow class”
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Kiran Desai’s novel, The Inheritance of Loss explores intimacy and insight, just similar to every modern international issue such as globalization, multiculturalism, economic inequality, fundamentalism, and terrorist violence. This novel challenges today’s multicultural societies. Prejudice and intolerance especially in connection with differences in race and ethnicity, have become demanding and are causing problems. Gender roles, in relation to western ideas and other cultures, have proved to be difficult owing to the variations in culture and religious background. This novel of Desai demonstrates multicultural societies from the whole world. Alienation is such a theme which occurs frequently in the novel. This is also a recurring issue of many of the post-colonial Indian English writers. In a postcolonial setup, the subjects concerning homesickness, rootlessness, patriarchy, oppression have been studied through the lens of migration and…show more content…
Biju is an illegal Indian immigrant. He resides in the United States. His father is a cook and he works for Sai’s grandfather. Sai lives in mountainous Kalimpong. She lives with her maternal grandfather Jemubhai, the cook and a dog named Mutt. The storyline takes place in 1986.
The novel traces the journey of Biju. He is trying to make a new life. The plot also follows the journey of Sai. She is an Anglicised Indian girl. The novel not only shows the conflict between past and present but also the internal conflicts in India between groups. There is the rejection and yet awe of the English way of life, the opportunities for money in the US, and the squalor of living in India. Many leading Indians were considered to be becoming too English. They had forgotten the ethnicity of Indian life. And this can be clearly shown through the character of Jemubhai.
The major subject which runs throughout is the one closely related to colonialism and the effects of post-colonialism: the losing of identity and the way it travels through generations as a sense of loss. Characters within the plot exhibit snobbery at those who embody the Indian way of life and vice versa This takes place when characters exhibit anger at the English Indians as they have lost their

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