Kissing Hank's Ass Summary

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Kissing Hank's Ass is a parody analogy that focuses on some of the inconsistences in religion and how it relates to blind faith. I never realized how much religion was like Kissing Hank’s Ass; as a religious person I found a lot of simulates of what I’ve grown to know. Plus of course, I found this parody to be quite amusing. The story is a conversation between two supporters of Hank and a stranger whose door they knocked on. The supporters explain that Hank is a philanthropist who wants to give everyone one million dollars, but as the story unfolds it becomes clear that there are many conditions attached. The basic requirements are that everyone must kiss the ass of Hank, must live according to Hank's rules, and no one can see Hank. Furthermore,…show more content…
Not right away, of course”. This can easily be translated to “If you don’t follow Jesus, you will go to hell but if you follow Jesus you will go to heaven when you die”. If you look at Hank Religion through a cynic, skeptic, and stoic view we can see where the idea is faulty. Speaking from a cynical view the only reason people are following Hanks is so they can receive a million dollars. Would they follow Hank if the money wasn’t guaranteed? This question can be similarly phased the same way for Christianity. Are you following Christ because you are being guaranteed heaven as an afterlife? Would you live a good life if heaven as afterlife wasn’t guaranteed? A cynic believes that followers of Hank are in it for their personal gain of a million dollars. As well as Christians follow Jesus because he promises heaven as afterlife. A skeptical would continually ask questions about Hank because they’ve never seen Hank so the question his existence. A skeptic is a person that would ask God for his I.D. Stoics don’t believe in religion because they rely on logic and reason so they know both aren’t logical. Stoics accept the now and they don’t need incentives to do certain deeds, they do them because they want
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