Kit Carson Human Interaction

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Kit Carson was a man-made park created for the impact of humans and our interactions. It was made for numerous activities for humans to enjoy. For example, my partner and I walked to our site and watched others enjoying birthday parties, barbeques, picnics, practicing sports, .etc. Observing this, we saw how humans were able to effect the park in a drastic manner. From what we noted at the park, we will review the human interactions and disturbances, its

Kit Carson was made for enjoyment of humans to have a fun and amusing time. We can describe this as human interaction. Human interaction pertains to activities such as jogging walking, doing sports, and everything you can do at a park. Human Interaction doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but sometimes it humans do things that affect others, such as the animals. When humans have birthday parties, barbeques, and picnics, littering happens. This affects the animals because they think its food and eat it, resulting in them dying. Littering or feeding the animals are the two bad human interactions that do not contribute to the lively future of the park.
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For instance, the Queen Califa art statues. These statues have been placed at Kit Carson park since 2003, it is the garden sculpture masterpiece created by a french artist. Although it is a stunning piece of art, it disturbs the park 's beauty and nature. Other disturbances at the park are gazebos, some small buildings, tents, barbecues,

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