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KIt Carson

Kit Carson was born in December 24,1809 he was from Kentucky he died May 23,1869 Kit Carson was a great leader because he when America had a love affair with the untamed land west of the Mississippi River. And it 's a path to fictional tales and exaggerated magazine stories, Carson 's reputation as a guide soon turned to that of legend, and the myth of Kit Carson was born. Kit Carson also became a legend Christopher "Kit" Carson was born in Madison County, Kentucky, on December 24, 1809. His father, Lindsey Carson fought in the American Revolution 1775 a war in which the American colonies fought to win their independence from Great Britain.

He married Rebecca Robinson in 1796. Kit has been the sixth of ten children. The Carson family soon settled in Howard County, Missouri. When Kit has been just nine years old, his father was killed in a tragic accident. Kit Carson received
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For the next year and a half Carson found animals along the streams of Arizona and Southern California. In 1831 Carson returned to New Mexico, where he immediately joined up with the experienced trapper, Thomas Fitzpatrick 1799 to 1854. With Fitzpatrick 's men, Carson headed north into the rugged central Rocky Mountains. For the next ten years, Carson worked as a trapper all over western America in what is today known as Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana.

During this time spent in the wilderness of North America, Carson learned everything he needed to know in order to become a respected guide. In 1836 Carson married an Arapaho Indian woman. The couple had two children, only one of whom a daughter survived. After his first wife died, Carson married a Cheyenne woman. The marriage did not last, and Carson took his daughter to St. Louis, Missouri, to further her education. For the next eight years, Carson split his time between his daughter in St. Louis and his trapping duties in Taos, New
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