Kita In Malaya Case Study

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4.0 CASE STUDY : CPM GUERRILLA STARATEGY IN MALAYSIA The formation of the Federation of Malaya on February 1, 1948 was the defeat of the Communist Party of Malaya because this group has been set aside by the British. Malayan Communist Party has changed its strategy and began to provoke violence through strikes and riots. The British responded by banning political leaders from leading trade union, thus weakening the communist Three Stars. Three Stars communist party then began to take up arms and attack occurred. However, the incident on June 16, 1948 the killing of three European estate managers in Sungai Siput, Perak has led to the declaration of an emergency by Sir Edward Gent. When the situation worsens, emergency was declared throughout the country on July 12, 1948. Malayan Communist Party was banned on July 23, 1948. The armed forces have driven include * Senoi Praaq against the communists. Although the Emergency Law was enacted, the communists still rampant in Malaya. Every day there were incidents of violence were reported communists everywhere in Malaya. Almost every day there are human lives lost, especially the innocent civilians. It was also reported almost every day there is invaluable possessions were destroyed by communists. With that, the government had to spend large sums of money to end the loss of life, an end to the fighting and destruction and damage as a result of the actions of the communists. Among the crimes committed by the communists is the attack

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