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The movie Kita Kita (I see you) is film directed by Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo, an aspiring writer and director in the Philippines. This movie is a film where a blind women fall in love with this humored guy. It was quietly surprisingly how the movie makes you laugh and at the same make you cry. You will see how Alessandra de Rossi (Lea) and Empoy Marquez (Tonyo) greatly touched our hearts and fall in love with their undeniable chemistry. The movie also shows that it takes a time to find the right one if we patiently wait for the right person.

Lea is a Filipino who works as a tourist guide in Sapporo, Japan. She migrated to Japan because she doesn’t have a family at least one of her sister is alive. She had a simple life and loving fiancé whom she met at the bar. One day, she received a letter saying she must go to this place and her fiancé will be waiting.

She looks excited because after 5 years, she expected that her fiancé will propose to her again and surely their wedding must go on. But to her dismay, she saw that her fiancé is cheating with her friend, she didn’t know what to do, all the memories of her fiancé are flashing rapidly to her mind and it’s so painful to see it will suddenly waste because of this. She walks away and suddenly her eyes are becoming blurry and she didn’t know darkness already consume her. The doctor said it is only a temporary blindness because of extreme stress but if it exceeds after 3 weeks or more than that, it might be a

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