Kita Kita Movie Analysis

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Two less Lonely People in the World...
We Filipinos really love romantic comedies even those with cliché plots. Kita-Kita suddenly became one of the hottest topics on social media in the Philippines and that’s what sparked our interest in watching and critiquing this film. What sets it apart from the usual romantic-comedies we have watched is its attempt to put a twist on a typical “boy-meets-girl” happy ending story. Kita-Kita exhibit predictable scenes, however it still successfully grasps the attention of the viewers with its heart-warming love story about finding the right person at exactly the right time. It is directed and written by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo under the production of prominent actor Piolo Pascual and award-winning director Miss Joyce Bernal. The movie centers on, Lea
(Alessandra de Rossi) a Pinay tour guide based in Japan who suddenly goes blind. On the first week of her sight loss, she meets a friendly Pinoy neighbor named Tonyo (Empoy Marquez). She doesn 't warm up to him at first but eventually does because Tonyo is one determined guy. They form a beautiful friendship that leads to an unexpected kind of love.
Filipino rom-com films often star hit love teams such as JaDine and KathNiel. Setting Empoy and
Alessandra as a tandem in the movie was a risk worth taking because they put up a good chemistry on screen despite their disparity in looks and their previous roles. In the first few minutes of the film, the acting of the characters especially the extras

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