Kitchen Best Case Study

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Kitchen Best Appliance Company Ltd (Kitchen Best) recently faced with some management issues. As there was a lack of an enforceable and systematic management system, opportunities were discovered for bribery and nepotism. Moreover, quality control was found to be ineffective and losing the major customer became possible for the company. As these issues hindered the development of Kitchen Best, rectifications are needed. The following report will comprehensively investigate the major problems of Kitchen Best under the current management style and propose the recommendations to solve the problem which needs immediate attention and correction. As the company lacked an objective, systematic and enforceable management system, employees always used bribery to reach their business objectives. Apart from this unethical practice, they made use of nepotism to outsource the production process to the factories. Moreover, due to improper vetting procedure, quality control became ineffective. Since the company was not strategic in product provision, the customer retention may deteriorate. To facilitate the future development of Kitchen Best, the company is strongly recommended to put the problem of nepotism in the first priority. Deloitte Consulting spent two months at Kitchen Best to find the urgent management issue that the company faced by interviewing managers and investigating the recent incidents within the firm. Under an uncoordinated and non-mandatory management system,

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