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Cleaning Silestone Quarts countertops
Want to keep your Silestone Quartz kitchen countertop clean? Read this!
Every home has that special room that people really adore the most. If cooking is one of your hobbies, then you surely love your kitchen. I am not someone who discriminates people based on their gender, but I know that most of the women out there love cooking, not because they are bound with all those duties and responsibilities, but because they enjoy doing the thing that they are really good at. Therefore, a lot of women spend several hours together in their kitchens, making unique delicacies out of their grandma’s secret recipes books!
There is just one terrible thing that every good cook hates after cooking - the mess; especially
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If you use the right kinds of techniques, tips and tricks, you can keep your kitchen countertop clean as new!
• How to clean Silestone Quartz kitchen countertops?
- Getting rid of the greasy stains – If you spilled something really greasy on your Silestone Quartz kitchen countertop, you might find it difficult to get rid of it with plain water. Take a small portion of 409, Windex. This is a commonly found cleaner that works excellently well on greasy stains. Scrub it well with the help of a nice scrubbing pad. You may have to use a little bit of your energy to get rid of the greasy stains. After a few seconds of scrubbing, you may see the stains fading away.
- Getting rid of regular stains – Remember the stains that are left behind by the glasses and utensils? They may seem common, but they just can’t be erased with a wet cloth. You have to sprinkle hydrochloric acid on the surface and leave it just like that for about 60 to 120 seconds. Use a wet cloth to rub off the sprinkled acid. Take extra care when you wipe the acid off. After cleaning, you would notice that the stains are completely gone and your countertop begins to shine like a beautiful

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