Kitchens In The 19th Century

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Kitchens have gone through a major change from past few centuries. Earlier in 18th century, kitchens were not considered as an important area in a house. People used to cook in the same room they lived. There was no special space for it. People used to cook food over an open fire. In the early 19th century people started to know the meaning of a kitchen. They started with small kitchen spaces in their houses. Though, they were not so organised. They had no proper shelves or drawers for storage. Mostly, steel and metal furniture was used. There was no provision for chimney, instead there was a hole in the ceiling which fulfilled the role of a chimney. Utensils were hung to the wall. This seemed quite messy and unorganised. Moving on to the 20th century, kitchens became more vibrant and organized place place to work in. Kitchens were managed and designed in a way so that it becomes easy for housewives to cook efficiently. Kitchens were designed according to the human scale and human movements, so that less time and energy is wasted in constant movements while cooking. Dish washer was placed near the cabinets for more efficiency in work. Dish washer, gas stoves, water pipes added modern touch to the kitchens. Various kitchen appliances and built- in cabinets made it look more modern and well organised. Everything was managed in an organised manner and nothing was kept in open. Now the utensils and other equipments had a proper place for storage, they were not hung to the
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