Kite Descriptive Speech

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They say a kite can give you wings, but for me, it gave bars. They are supposed to guide the way and let you soar. When I flew that kite, it showed me no such thing. All I got from it was trouble, and regret. One thing I learned, that I shouldn’t let others influence what I do or say, because in the end it is me, inside making decisions for myself. My feet felt the coldness of the grass. My eyes saw the green for what seemed like miles. My ears heard the sound of the wind calling my name in the breeze. My nose could smell the trees, their leaves dancing in the spring air. My kite was staring me down, wanting me to set it free, as it waits on the grass floor. The rims looked as an ocean does vibrating with color. The lingering tail made of blue triangles, matching the rim. Centering the kite was an alluring shade of purple, just as lavender shines in the earth. Its face, filled with sadness, and a feeling of grief weighing it down. The kite was gliding in the wind, free and soaring through the sky. My frowned mouth, crawled into a smile as I observed, my sad eyes glistened into ones of interest, and ideas. I watched from below, as it made fun of me. Looking down on me, as it laughed a hard laugh, and flew higher, it was as graceful as a ballet dancer in the middle of a prance. A feeling of oddness slammed into me like a metal door, my eyes walked down the kite, from the top point, all the way down its long body, and now sprinting along the tail. The string keeping it in
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