The Kite Runner Book Report Essay

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The Kite Runner
Khaled Hossini
“The Kite Runner” might put a cover on the old Afghan tradition of flying kites and fighting with them, by covering their kite strings into glass and trying to cut the string of the opposite kite. When the losing kite is falling, kids run the kite, which means, that they run after it and try to catch it before anyone else does. This leads to the assumption, that as a matter of fact Hassan would has to be the main subject of the book, but I am not quite sure, if he really is…
• Narrator & protagonist
• Sensitive & intelligent
• Son of wealthy businessman Baba
• Lives first in Kabul, Afghanistan, later he lives in California, USA
• Is a gifted storyteller and grows to published novelist
• After seeing Hassan being raped by Assef – a boy from the neighborhood – and his friends, he is driven by feelings of guiltiness.
• Amir`s best friend & half brother & servant of Baba
• He defends Amir when he is attacked by Assef with his slingshot and has always an open ear for Amir`s stories.
• He belongs to a poor ethnic minority, called Hazara
• He is Baba`s illegitimate child
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The first and most obvious one is Friendship. Amir and Hassan were best friends in their childhood, although Hassan was a Hazara (Shia Islam) and Amir a Pashtun (Sunni Islam). Later on betrayal becomes a big issue, when Amir sees his friend Hassan getting raped by Assef and his friends, but denies having seen anything. This eats him up inside. The afghan culture plays also a big role in it. Like I have said, there were and still are conflicts between the Shiites and the Sunnis in Afghanistan. As a result also warfare is a big theme dealt with in the story. The heartless leadership of the Taliban and racism makes the whole picture complete. At some parts one could claim that also Americanization is an issue. For example the movies or even the emigration to the
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