How Does Amir Kill Hassan

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Amir acts as the narrator and protagonist of the novel written by Khaled Hosseini. Although he deviates from being an affectionate character at the beginning of the novel, throughout the story the reader gains more insight on his compassionate side. He expresses his conflicting feelings regarding his father, Baba, along with his childhood playmate, Hassan. Amir recognizes Hassan’s lower place in society and becomes jealous of the way Baba treats Hassan. Amir is a conflicted character because of his clashes between his emotions and his rational. Amir is born and spends the majority of his childhood in Kabul, Afghanistan. He lives only with his father, Baba, due to his mother’s death during his birth. Baba owns a successful business which is…show more content…
Following their victory, Hassan goes to retrieve the final kite while yelling back to Amir, “For you a thousand times over!” Hassan is missing for a while leading to Amir’s suspicion of his whereabouts. Hassan had came upon the neighborhood boys who caused him and Amir trouble earlier in the story. The leader of the group, Assef, rapes Hassan. Amir goes searching for him, and watches the whole experience. He hides behind a wall, and does nothing. This event leads to a rift between the two boys and guilt begins to consume Amir ruining the relationship furthermore. Hassan’s presence causes a strain on Amir which leads to him framing Hassan for theft. This leads to Hassan and Ali leaving which devastates Baba and plagues Amir with more guilt. Following the vacancy of Hassan and Ali, Amir begins to develop into an adult. Him and Baba escape Afghanistan to California and there he meets a woman named Soraya, whom he later marries. His father grows prouder of him because he is becoming the man his father wanted him to
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