Love In Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner

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Khaled Hosseni is an American novelist and physician, he was born on March 4, 1965 in Kabul, Afghanistan; where he had spent his first five years of childhood. His father was working as a diplomat in the Afghan foreign Ministry, so they were sent to Paris by the Foreign Ministry, and after two years of living in Paris, Afghanistan witnessed a bloody communist coup and the invasion of the Soviet Army. His family was then sent to America, and later they moved to California where Khaled graduated from high school, and they entered Santa Clara University where he got a bachelor’s degree in biology, in 1988; 4 years after his entrance. A year later he entered the University of San Diego, school of Medicine, where he earned a medical degree and this was in 1993. Hosseini is known as the bestselling Afghan born American author of The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns which makes him famous. (Khaled Hosseini)
While Khaled Hosseini was a practicing internist in Los Angeles, he was writing “The Kite Runner” that was his first novel. It was published in May 2003 by Riverhead Books. The novel is a narrative story in which the writer speaks in the first person,
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And later he finds out that his best friend is his brother. The novel also talks about religion; “He told us one day that Islam considered drinking a terrible sin; those who drank would answer for their sin on the day of Qiyamat, Judgment Day.” (p 16) Amir’s religion teacher was explaining what punishment they would get if they drank because in their religion they can’t drink. Even though Amir was though about religion, his dad didn’t believe in god at all and though that was his teacher is teaching him is useless; “If there is God out there, then I would hope he has more important things to attend to than my drinking scotch or eating pork” (p
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