Kite Runner Conflict Essay

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Have you ever been involved in a family conflict that was difficult to overcome? In The Kite Runner written by Khaled Hosseini, Amir wishes to gain his father 's attention, recognition, and approval. “It 's important in the beginning of the novel -- as the protagonist feels neglected by his father -- and it becomes important again at the end, in an interesting way” (Singh par. 8). Baba is a wealthy man in Afghanistan. His son, Amir, has always been greedy because he has never learned to appreciate things. Instead, he expects them. As Amir grows older, he desires more attention from his father. For example, Amir loves to read and write, but his father wishes he had an interest in something more masculine. He sabotages Hassan, a servant,…show more content…
By the story’s end, Amir and Baba become closer. They are in America and times have been difficult. “‘I am moftakhir, Amir,’ he said. Proud” (Hosseini 139). Baba kept pushing Amir to graduate high school and when he did, Baba was very proud. It was obvious in the expression on his face. It was a great moment in their relationship. After graduating high school Amir will leave for college. His father gives him an essential gift so he can get there. “He reached in his coat pocket and handed me a set of keys. ‘There,’ he said, pointing to the car in front of usa” (Hosseini 140). Baba is rewarding his son for what he has accomplished and he is very pleased. The difficulties of the past have faded and they have a special bond now, a father and son bond. Early in The Kite Runner, Amir and Baba had a difficult relationship. It’s human nature to want to be liked by everyone. Obviously, though, is impossible. Amir feels neglected and unloved and strives to change this. He focuses on his father 's interests and as a result of this Amir changes. He matures and values intelligence more. He also pays more attention to what his father has to say. As a result of this, their relationship deepens. Amir’s adjustment represents a way to overcome a conflict with somebody else and this can be applied to everyday
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