Kite Runner Cultural Analysis

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Our culture tends to lead to inaccuracy of other cultures because we are taught the way we are and it can cause to have wrong point of views on certain culture. This means that there are higher chance of us misunderstanding many other cultures around the world because we only see a one way perspective from our own point of view. The three different novels Things Fall Apart, Kite Runner and Kaffir Boy, all focuses on how an individual or a group of people from a specific culture sees another culture because of the way they are taught, often leading to being overly ethnocentrism. The novels teach us that having too much of ethnocentrism leads to having negative consequence for the majority of the population because sticking to one type of culture…show more content…
For instance, Amir and Hassan were taking a walk when an Afghani solider came up to start an insult and called names toward Hassan just because he was Hazera. The culture in Afghanistan criticize people just by their ethnic groups and by their different appearance. Many of the population in Afghanistan are inputted with the wrong idea of Hazera equaling the bad Muslim only because other people around them are also familiar with that idea. Furthermore, this cruel insulting of the Hazera ruins Amir’s mind and even breaks the relationship of Hassan just because he was the Shia Muslim. Just because the wrong idea of the Hazera as ‘bad Muslims’ and how they are treated from the whole society, had effected and undermined Amir’s friendship with Hassan. In the end, Amir had no choice but to live with the social discrimination between a Sunni Pashtun and Shia Hazera because he had to stay away from the ‘bad Muslim’ because their religious belief were established that…show more content…
To begin with, Mark was born under the Venda customs and traditions that his father strongly supported, giving no chance for Mark to look at other cultures. Mark was born with this tradition, so he felt attachment to it and believed in this value because he respected and loved his dad at earlier ages. At times he neglected some ways of his father’s teachings but still instilled the customs because it was the only belief he was taught and was familiar with. However Mark persistently disregards the traditional way of life he use to follow as a result of excessive pressuring from his father to only practice their custom. Too much of forcing to follow a certain belief does not necessarily enhance the unity among the group. Instead, Mark realized that their custom is doing nothing but holding people back and the only successful way is to learn to relate to other cultures such as the

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