Kite Runner Father Son Relationship

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The Kite Runner The kite runner is mainly talk about the relationship between Amir and his father by the Afghan-American writer Khaled Hosseini. This story starts and ends with the kite runner, it actually symbols the hope of a father to a son. The kite runner, a story of sins and memories, father and son ‘s relationships seem to be compliant. First of all, Amir’s father is always cold to Amir mainly because Amir doesn’t become a man he wants to be who good at playing sports rather than writing stories. In their daily lives, he is more looking forward Hassan since Hassan is always the one who protect Amir from Bullied .Because of this, it attracts Amir’s attention, and he begins to oppress Hassan. He feels tremendous jealous about his father’s love to Hassan. When it comes a day, he asks his baba to consider change the slaves in their house, “Baba, have you ever thought about getting new servants?”(89). His father feels…show more content…
Their relationship changes from the comfortable to hate. Amir went to Pakistan and met Rahim Khan. From Rahim, Amir learns the fates of Ali and Hassan. When he know that Hassan is his brother, he doubts about his father word because his father will never lie to him or anyone, “when you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness. There is no act more wretched than stealing”(106). He feels disgusted about Baba’s huge lie and reshapes his image as a stoler, “How was I going to reconcile this new image of Baba with the one that had been imprinted on my mind for so long, that of him in his old brown suit, hobbling up the Taheris’ driveway to ask for Soraya’s
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