Kite Runner Literary Analysis

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In the book, Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini the author used literary devices to develop a theme that emphasizes a topic of importance to modern society. Throughout Kite Runner, Hosseini exhibits themes of social class and relationships between the character of this book. Hosseini displays these themes by developing the characters of Amir and Hassan as practically brothers yet the morals of the two are completely different from each other. Hence, why this theme reflects the insight of everyday relationships between modern day people in society.

Amir the Pashtun and Hassan the Hazara were different sides of the same coin. What made them different from each other is the difference of social class. Pashtuns were the affluent ethnic in Afghanistan
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Despite, the contrast of social hierarchy, Amir and Hassan are best friends. Amir goes to school while Hassan does chores and when Amir comes back from school, they hang out and climbed a pomegranate tree, eat fruits and Amir would read to Hassan (27). But, the part that struck me as important was that Amir took one Ali’s kitchen knives and went to the pomegranate tree and carved “Amir & Hassan, the sultans of Kabul” (27). A Sultan is a ruler of a state or country. Amir reveals his true affection for Hassan in this act because by carving in that statement, he believes in his heart they would both become affluent, revered and together in ruling in the future or at least in his imagination despite of Hassan’s social status.

In the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, the author displayed literary devices to portray themes of friendship and social class. He developed those themes by flashbacks of Amir and Hassan’s and the internal perspective of Amir to enable us to oversee the clash of common perspective and the Pashtun perspective. These themes replicate the common altercation between people in society who debate whether they should become intimate with one person despite of that person’s status, race, religion or basic
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