Kite Runner Mask

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This is a Mexican painting created by Carlos orDona in something, the name of the art when translated to English is the "man of the masks". In this painting there is an indignant is man sitting alone in the tomb surrounded by masks. The one mask he has close to his face is a mask of the Jaguar. However it is not a random mask of a jaguar he is holding to his face but a mask of bravery to signifies went to visit electives Carlos Ordona has several pieces of art that include masks and the main mask is always a jaguar mask every mask in the painting signifies one of his past ancestors what she hope his hopes to be like one day they he thinks he is in enough like one of his ancestors. in thus painting he chooses in this painting is the mask of the Jaguar this means he is brave he…show more content…
A core text that relates to the painting the man of the mask is the kite Runner by hossieni. in this text Amir has troubles being different from his relatives like Bubba, he feels isolated with no parental figure and depresses who he is because amir doesn't think that he is at Bubba standards to be his son. It is very evident that Baba is disappointed and frustrated because his son isnt a reflection of himself since he wants his son to carry his name and take over the business. Bubba questions why he is the way he is an example is when he said " he is always buried in those books or shuffling around the house like his loss and some dream I was in like that Baba said frustrated almost angry."Bubba doesn't understand why amir is so different so they are very distant leaving them in life and relationship with his father. Amir feels betrayed by his father because Bubba's actions so shows that he prefers his van because he is more man then send it from your invites Bubba said if I hadn't seen the doctor pull him out of my way with my own eyes I never believe he's my son.

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