Kite Runner Past Event Analysis

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In the novel The Kite Runner we often see a connection between past and future events. The thing with the past always being there is the things you’ve done in the past that haven’t been atoned for come back to bite you in the butt. It also shows how history seems to repeat itself. The same themes that are around when Amir and Hassan are playing as children are around when Amir is called to go back to Afghanistan to “be good again” by Rahim Khan . Amir as a child is very selfish he’s stuck between knowing in his heart that he and Hassan have a close relationship and wanting to deny it because he is Pashtun while Hassan is Hazara. This unfortunately makes Amir’s loyalty to he and Hassan’s friendship waver.
I see Assef as the bully on the block
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I feel like this is a way for Amir to reflect and make the right decision where in the past he just watched Hassan get raped. In the future he is able to save Sohrab and get him out of such a bad situation. In a way I feel like by the end he gets what he wants. He not only becomes good again but he also gets to have the child that he and his wife Soroya couldn’t have and make everything up to Hassan. He can be a good father to Sohrab an opportunity that they would not have gotten if he did not go back to Afghanistan to get him due to the fact that Soroya could not have children.
Setting the future to the past is important when making connections to the way the people of this world work. The way Baba owns an orphanage before he and Amir leave America and how even though it’s not the same orphanage when they go back to get Sohrab the theme of an orphanage is still there. Amir no longer has to fight for the love of Baba so that makes him a better person in the end. The Kite Runner even though hard to read because of its tough story was written beautifully. Amir at the end makes up for his past wrongs and gets to live a happy life with his new
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