Kite Runner Quotes Showing Courage

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Malav .S. Patel
Mrs. Code
04 October 2014
The Act of Showing Courage Courage is a characteristic that everyone possess but not everyone know how to use it. Courage is defined as a person who has the ability to do something that frightens another. It takes” [one] courage to grow up and become who they are” (E.E. Cummings). In the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini courage is portrayed throughout the novel by various characters. The characters that depicts the most courage are Baba, Amir, and Hassan. They portrays courage under everyday situations and extreme situations. Firstly, Amir demonstrates courage in The Kite Runner exclusively in the absence of his father Baba. Amir shows great courage when he decides to notify
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The first time Baba shows courage is when he “took a sip from his drink (Hosseini 17) while Amir was in the room. In the Afghan religion Islam “those who drink would answer for their sins on Qiyamat; Judgement day” (17). Despite knowing drinking is against their religion he challenged it. Baba believed “You’ll never learn anything from those bearded idiots” (18). This indicates that baba has the courage to go against his own religion. Baba halfway through the novel protects for an Afghan woman from a Russian soldier who wanted to rape her. Baba hoisted up to him and “[Ask] him where his shame is” (121). The Russian soldier pulled a gun on Baba, and Baba was willing to take the bullet to stop the Russian soldier from raping the woman. Baba said to Karim to tell the soldier “Tell him he’d better kill me good with the first shot” (123). This identifies that Baba has a lot of courage and is willing to give his life up for a woman he does not even know. Baba was courageous in which when he was diagnosed with cancer and the doctor suggested he take chemotherapy but Baba denied and answered “No chemo medication for me” (165). Baba was a very courageous man in the book. This verifies that Baba has portrayed a lot of courage in The Kite Runner under every day and extreme
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