Kite Runner Thesis

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The Kite Runner The Kite Runner, a novel by Khaled Hosseini, is about a boy and his best friend. Certain events happen to these boys. These events occur during a civil war in Kabul, Afghanistan. Some of these things are good, others are horrible. The events, both good and bad, that happen to these boys shape them into the men they are now. Amir lives in Afghanistan with his father and their servants, Ali, and his son Hassan. Amir and Hassan grow up together and become best friends. The boys like to play outside. Sometimes, they get bullied by another boy by the name of Assef. One of the things the boy enjoy doing is kite fighting. Kite fighting is when one flies a kite and tries to cut other kites’ strings. The kites then fly away. The kite runners must run after them. Amir always does the fighting, and Hassan does the running. Amir’s father, Baba, is disapproving of Amir, so Amir sees an upcoming kite fighting tournament as a way to win his father over. After many hours, Amir reigns victorious. Now Hassan…show more content…
So Amir and Baba must move. They come to America, where they settle in Fremont, California. There, Baba works at a gas station. Amir graduates high school and goes on to college to become a writer. On weekends, Amir and Baba go to a local flea market and sell things they have bought at yard sales. At the flea market, Amir meets a girl who is also from Afghanistan, named Soraya. Amir and Soraya get married. Baba is diagnosed with cancer and latr dies. Their lives go on for a while after this and then one day, Baba’s old friend, Rahim Khan reaches out to Amir. Amir goes back to his homeland to talk to Rahim Khan. When there, Rahim tells Amir that he must save Hassan’s son, Sohrab, who is in the clutches of the Taliban. He also tells Amir something else very shocking. He tells Amir that Hassan is actually the son of Baba also, making the two of them half brothers. This makes Amir mad, thinking his whole life has been a
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