Who Is To Blame For Kitty Genovese's Murder

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Depressed, death, devastated. These three words describe one’s emotion when the loved one is murdered. Murder was expressed in the articles by Martin Gansberg and Larry Getlen and video from CNN. Many claim that 38 people watched a horrified young lady, Kitty Genovese get murdered at Kew Gardens within three attacks. Many also believe that the 3rd attack was the fatal one. Lots of people also blame them for not helping them save Kitty’s life. Although these sources show that Kitty Genovese was fatally murdered, one source blames the murder of Kitty Genovese while the others do not. Primarily, the Ganesberg’s article partially blames the bystanders for Kitty Genovese’s murder. One eye-witness claims that he saw this fatal attack, but “didn’t want to get involved” (Gansberg). This proves that the bystanders should be blamed. This man clearly didn't want to get in this murder. In depth, this quote thoroughly explains that this person is cruel and selfish because if he would’ve at least tried to help, Kitty would've had the chance to live. Just like this eyewitness, there have been many more selfish people like him in the community. For example, one person was sleeping and heard a noise. He claims that he heard a noise and woke up. He saw the…show more content…
They both claimed it by proving that there weren't 38 people watching the attack; instead there were 16/49. We also learned that there were two attacks, not three. So, when she died at the side of the apartment, the neighbors could not save her. Not only that, but one of the eye-witnesses even called the police instantly after viewing this horrific incident. Nevertheless, the police didn't pick up and caused a young girl's life gone. All in all, through these sources, we can learn to not be a lazy bystander and help people in need because you might not know if their death is at the
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