What Is Kitty In Anne's Life

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Kitty in Anne’s Life
The Diary of a Young Girl, published on 25 June, 1947, this book is a partial autobiography of Anne Frank, our protagonist as well as narrator. She got a diary as a present on her birthday on June 12, 1942 when she turned thirteen. She being immensely happy and joyful named it “kitty” and used to address it the same and found a new friend whom she could share anything and everything. Anne, in her first entry wrote that

Kitty played a very significant part in Anne’s life as it not only made her famous after her inconsiderate and painful death but also helped her cope with the deadly, traumatic situations in the Secret Annexure when she and her family along with many similar Jews and also non-Jews hid for about two years during the Nazi
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The psychological conflict goes on and on throughout the diary, as time rolls by, she adds more meaning to her life by analyzing other people’s behavior, thinking and mindset and tries to find motivation in herself. Moreover, the fear of her inner self with realities of being caught and the future of her family after it, we could relate with Hitler’s domination which killed many innocent lives. Also the search for identity is one of the key reasons which is portrayed inside Kitty; since violating all the obstacles and limitations, Anne’s diary provides a perfect scenario of despite being unidentified, they hid themselves but found a identity after the warfare as the whole community of Jews and non-Jews struggled to save their names and themselves. Despite having her life in danger she brings the best in writing about the cut off and numb feelings which she gets before and after the arrival of
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