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I learned from experience when I was doing community hours at the Kiwanis Thrift Store a few years back. Even though the Kiwanis’s store and staff were small, the staff have to do tremendous daily work. People donate their no longer used items to the store like furniture, clothes, appliances, kitchenware etc. These donations are classified as raw materials considering it’s the only way that it can gain its inventory. Although these donations are the only way that the store gains its inventory, doesn’t mean it’s the only input the store offers. Other examples of inputs are power, labor, teamwork, materials used for the store, and money. These inputs are used to create outputs that helps generate profits for the store as different services, reused items and multiple ideas trying to improve the store. The staff at the Kiwanis is constantly trying to reduce the amount of donations that arrive at the store each day. Employees there must plan how to: either determine if the product is worth to resell, how to organize all non-put out items, where does it belong in the store, etc. Every item must be tested if possible to see its…show more content…
If it’s too cluttered then the employees can’t move or injure themselves due to limited movement. Without the movement, the employees can’t work efficiently and could be backed up with so much work. The quality management is based on a free commitment where the employees try their best to meet the customer’s needs while trying their best to do their job as well. Although they try to please their customers’ need, the customers need to understand the employees are beyond stress considered they are only 5 people running a whole store. Due to this composition, there’s a great relationship with the employees and customers because all they have to do is be patient with each

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