Klantan Syariah Court Case Study

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1. Organization/Company Overview a) Company Background i. Kelantan Syariah Judiciary Department was established under Section 8 (1), (2), (3) and (4) of the Administration of the Court Kelantan Syariah 1982 (Amendment 1998). ii. Syariah courts of the State under the office of Qadhi Besar and Chief Qadi headed a later changed to Chief Judge started on 16th August 1998. iii. Location of company at Bandar Baru Tunjung, Jalan Pasir Mas Salor, 15510 Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia. Location Of Kelantan Syariah Judiciary Department b) Business Nature The term 'civil' actually refers to property but within the legal context, it refers to non-criminal cases. The civil jurisdiction of the Syariah Court is applicable to all Muslims living resident the states. And in fact, the Syariah Court has jurisdiction mal almost complete and covers many aspects of Islamic family.…show more content…
While the law relating to property is also only focused on the question of inheritance, wills and of wakaf properties for those who associated with Islam that many other written law, and not matters related to the administration of Islamic affairs. Secondly, matters connected with offenses against religion, such as not registering the marriage and divorce, marriage without consent or not in accordance with law, offenses related to moral such as adultery, seclusion, alcohol and anything that related to faith as not praying Friday, do not pay zakat, not fast during Ramadan and so

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