Kler And Keller Major Dimensions Of Brand Equity

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Keller describes brand equity as the value adding element to the product. Brand equity is an extremely important concept for both practical and theory related reasons in brand building and its management. Brand equity has many dimensions and definitions for example favorable impressions, attitudinal dispositions, and behavioral predilections. Whereas the major dimensions of brand equity are brand loyalty, brand awareness, perceived quality of brand, and brand associations as told by Keller and Aaker in 1993 and 1996 respectively. One important agreement about the definitions is that brand equity is the actual incremental value of a product due to the brand name (Srivastava and Shocker, 1991).
According to the marketing literature it has
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Whereas Mirriam-webster defines advertising as a way to create something that is identified for someone. While media manager thinks of advertising as the degree to which a brand or its offering can be recognized by the customers and segment market. Communications can have huge impact on brand equity. Brand equity is determined by the knowledge of a brand that is created in the minds of the customers. Keller described that brand equity knowledge is not only the information about a brand but includes views, feelings, understanding, image and involvement that are connected to the brand. Brand awareness and brand association are the two very important elements of brand…show more content…
A huge amount of money is spent on various campaigns and promotional drives that later badge the company millions of profit and sales. Furthermore, it has now become a need for companies to invest heavily if they want to achieve success and its becoming more expensive with each passing day. The statistical reposts of Finland show the about 13131 million euros have been spending on ads in 2011 which increased to 12067 million in 2013.
Advertising efficiency can be separated into sales efficacy and communication efficiency. Sales capacity can be used to analyzed the overall sales efficiency and the level of the message and its response can be seen and observed. The communication result is assessed by advertisement acknowledgement and outlook of the ad. Advertisement acknowledgement is the recollection of customer’s memory after looking at the ad and understanding the meaning of the ad. Advertisement outlook is described as the feelings and emotions the customers depict after watching the ad and may also include the opinion target audience has regarding the

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