Klondike Persuasive Speech

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“Should I not find fortune it will make a man of me and should I get through this trip I shall be able to undertake anything in the world.” When you hear of the word Klondike what do you think of. Probably 90 percent of you reading this think of Klondike bar a delicious ice cream bar. But no the Klondike is actually a place in Alaska that at least 100,000 people go every year. They go in a boat, train, or they even walk they go to strike it rich. Back in the late 1800’s common people would go to the Klondike to look for gold but only 30,000 would succeed. The other 70,000 would die or turn back along the trail. Temperatures could decrease to lows of -50 or -30. Now that you know what the Klondike is it is time to ask a question to ourselves would I have the courage and bravery to adventure to the Klondike? If you were to find gold in the Klondike you would strike it rich. But do you want to risk your life just to find gold more less than half of the people even succeed and find gold. So is it even worth it? Do you even know what you have to eat you will have to find a dead horse on the side of the road and eat it. Now thinking about all this I am having second thoughts on going. It is not worth it to go all that way and maybe even die along the way just to try to find gold.…show more content…
There is a very large percentage of death in the Klondike. To go all the way to Alaska just to look for some gold that you might not even find is not a good idea. There is a big change of death. If you decide to go all that way just to try to find gold that might not even happen and you would have to eat dead horse that you find on Dead Horse Trail. The temperatures could go down to -30 maybe -50 if you are lucky. On top of that there might be claim jumpers that can steal your land. So if I would have to make the decision to risk my life to try to find gold I would not do
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