Kmart Swot Analysis Essay

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Part 1: About Us i. About Kmart Kmart is one of the most popular one-stop, discount shopping stores in the United States. It was founded in 1962 and the first departmental store was opened in Michigan in the United States. It was started on a business philosophy of offering consumers products they need at prices they can afford, and jobs to support families; a philosophy that has been kept by the store up to now. Kmart has stores in the United States, Puerto Rico, U.S Virgin Islands and Guam which houses the world’s largest Kmart store. Kmart opened another store in Australia in 1969. It is also a wholly owned subsidiary of Sears Holdings as from 2005. Kmart is a mass merchandising store and allows customers to shop their way. It has a variety of ways through which customers can receive their purchases, and also allows them…show more content…
YouTube link Part 2: social media links Kmart on YouTube Kmart’s YouTube Channel has many videos about commodities sold at Kmart and explanations on various methods available to shop at their stores. Exclusive product reviews and even customer opinions about Kmart can also be found on their YouTube Channel. Instead of having to go through literature of their operations and products, these videos will keep you connected to the products themselves even before you shop. Kmart on Facebook The latest goods, services and offers can be found right on Kmart’s Facebook page. Available discounts are also shown here. You can also give feedback and comments through Facebook. Kmart has 1,443,576 people liking their page. You can easily participate in product reviews and comments through their posts. Kmart on Twitter You can follow Kmart on Twitter, give feedback and comments and help the store improve on their goods and services. Follow the link and receive updates on your tweets and retweets about
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