Knapp's Relationship Model In 500 Days Of Summer

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Knapp’s relationship model explains how relationship grow and ends. The model consist of ten stages five which are coming together in the relationship and the other five are coming apart in the relationship. Through the relationship the stages could be skipped during the progression or deterioration of a relationship. The movie 500 Days of Summer, is about a young man named Tom who falls in love with a girl named Summer who does believe in true love. This movie follows Knapp's relationship model is where the relationship grows and falls apart and in the process the stages could be skipped which is normal is any relationship. The first five stages of coming together in the relationship are Initiation, Experimenting, Intensifying, Integration,…show more content…
The decline of the relationship occurred when Tom and Summer went to the bar, a guy flirts with Summer and Tom and the guy start a fight. This makes Summer angry, Tom tries to talk to her but she states “"I'm really tired... can we talk about this tomorrow?" Tom want to be more than friends with Summer, but she doesn't want that. Stage 6 is Differentiating, this is when the the closely bonded relationship starts to pull apart because of pressure, different viewpoint and or interest (Knapp’s Relationship Development Model, 2015). Stage 7 is Circumscribing where people are talking less to avoid their conflict because of the fear of argument. Stage 8 is Stagnation, its when communication is more limited. The only reason the partners don’t separate is due to children or other unavoidable reasons. (Knapp’s Relationship Development Model, 2015) Mostly the relationships in this stage will not continue or improve. Stage 9 is Avoidance the partners intentionally avoid any contacts and they will physically detached. They restrict themselves from any forms of communication to avoid a conversation or an argument. (Knapp’s Relationship Model, 2015) The movie 500 Day of Summer skipped stages 6,7,8 and went stage 9 it was shown when at dinner Summer says that she doesn't want to see him anymore. After that Tom went through emotional

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