Knee Arthritis Case Study

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Calculating the exact cost to treat knee arthritis may be difficult to determine. From the degree of disease to amount of medical coverage each person will have a variety of contributing factors. Arthritis is an incurable condition creating pain, swelling and stiffness off the knees. Finding an effective treatment to reduce the symptoms may help a person return to normal everyday activities. An orthopedic specialist can work with a patient to find the best treatment options. Non-Surgical Methods The most economical way to reduce cost to treat knee arthritis is by using non-surgical methods. Some of the methods simply involve a change in lifestyle and others may require minimal payment. • Weight management is recommended in treating knee arthritis.…show more content…
The ice may be applied in intervals 25 minutes every three or four hours or as directed by a health care professional. • Bracing and other support devices to minimize movement in the knee joint may help with symptoms. In some cases, a cane or crutches may be used for extra support. • Elevating the knee area by using a pillow when resting or sleeping to help reduce pain and swelling, may help ease symptoms. • Over the counter medications, prescriptions and cortisone injections may also help relieve symptoms at a lower cost to treat knee arthritis. Surgery If the pain or symptoms are not reduced by the non-surgical methods, surgery is usually the next step in the treatment process. The cost to treat knee arthritis with surgery will depend on the type of surgery and the type of medical insurance coverage. In some cases, co-pays and deductibles will be the only out of pocket costs. Without any form of insurance, an individual could pay into the thousands of dollars for treatment. • In severe cases, a complete knee joint replacement may be done. The replacement is usually made of metal or durable plastic to help restore function of the

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