Knee Injuries In High School Football

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While we don 't have enough information on the high school football players injury, is it a new injury or an old one, we know that playing football one is going to get an injury at some point in time. Knee injuries are pretty common in football, this is because of all the running and contact that one experiences during both practice and a game. Even with all the protective gear that is worn there is no way to fully protect the knees from injury. A common injurie is to the knee: collateral ligaments, there are two of these, one on the outside of the knee called lateral collateral ligament (LCL), and the medial or "inside" collateral ligament (MCL). These injuries are from being hit or pushed directly to either side of the knee which will cause a sprain to which ever side has been hit. There…show more content…
It is always a good idea to stretch and warm up before playing any sports. A middle-aged runner who has knee pain. Is this middle-aged runner having new knee pain, how long has this person been running? Runners knee seems to be the most common injury to a runner and also to most any sport that involves running, so this can happen to the football player also. What is runners knee? "Also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS). Runners knee is pain under and just a little above or below the knee. The causes for this condition very from overuse, injury, excess weight, a kneecap that is not properly aligned," LeBauer, A. (n.d.) This kind of injuries treatment mainly calls for strengthening the hips and core region, and listening to the body, knowing when to slow down or stop, one can take over the counter pain medicine. If the pain is not relieved by strengthening the hips and core region, or correcting any injury, doesn 't help it might be time to contact your physical therapist to find the main cause of the pain before it gets out of hand and causes more
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