Knee Replacement Speech

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Have you ever wondered how safe medical operations are conducted or how truly developed these treatments are to sustain their purpose to preserve human life? Are the normal health practices taught within the health industry admirable enough to culture the on growing diseases that affect our us humans physically and mentally? Of course you guys would think our health system is working diligently by saving many lives every day however there are many flaws within the system that people don’t see for example the credibility of devices manufactured by large medical corporations.

To explore this statement, let me introduce to you a world renown company named Depuy. The world’s second largest manufacturer of artificial knee implants. This company
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It all began in back in 1860 where the first knee arthroplasty was performed with German surgeon Thermistocles Gluck implanting the first primitive hinge joints made of ivory, which is material made out of the tusks of elephants. Obviously this became a detrimental factor to society as we can’t resort to killing elephants anymore. So this was the only presumed surgical knee reconstructions that were undertaken, until 1951 where the Walldius hinge joint was introduced for knee replacements made out of acrylic however it was later discovered that this material can cause tumors within your knee due to the expansive ability of granuloma particles. It was from 1969 where the modern total condylar knee was discovered by John Insall, chief of the Hospital of special surgery knee clinic. The total condylar was the first implant to address all aspects of the knee with anatomically shaped parts. Its material is manufactured from cobalt chromium, one of the most suitable metals to be used due to its corrosion resistance as well as its biocompatibility. As you can see throughout the history of knee replacements there has been steady amendments to the materials utilized to manufacture devices in order to increase the safety of patients nevertheless there is still much more development required to sustain the never ending health problems
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