Knee To Knee Club

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Our Journey As I look back upon our journey with the Knee to Knee Couples Club, I feel an overwhelming sense of pride, fulfillment and accomplishment that God gave me the vision and the inspiration to begin the club and what a journey it has been! As the solo officer of The Family Life Department of The Bethany SDA Church in 2003, I felt it necessary and important that the church be more proactive to strengthen families and improve the quality of their relationships. Strong families in the church would translate into a stable church empowered to fulfill God’s mandate for this world. I therefore sort permission from the Church Board to organize a weekend Couples’ Retreat where husbands and wives as heads…show more content…
Following are some of the accomplishments of the Knee to Knee Married Couples Club- (see next attachment) Personally the club has helped my husband and I over the years to experience a much deeper level of intimacy. I can confidently say that our marriage relationship is stronger now than it has ever been before. The warm fellowship and comradery that we share when we come together as club members, the sound words of wisdom, guidance and counsel that we share with one another in a nonthreatening, comfortable environment, all help to cement our relationship with each other as husband and wife as well as with club members on a whole. My husband expressed the sentiments that the club has helped him to understand married life better and has also helped him to become more committed to me as his partner. He confessed that the activities and programmes initiated by the club have helped to make him a better husband and father. He admits that he has become more opened and confident when sharing his experiences and
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