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Knight Automation was established since 2005 and it has grown to become a leading provider of integrated solutions for marine automation systems. Having headquarters in Singapore, Knight Automation is able to be a full-service provider and their team of highly competent engineers of developing customized system integration as well as full suite of turnkey and innovative solutions for the better improvement of the company’s mission and vision. Knight Automation also specializes in automation systems, annual performance tests for VDR, automation systems and after-sales services that can be useful for the operations of customers who are engaging in the productions. These automated systems can make the work easier and faster. Over the years,…show more content…
A kind of plain bearings with few moving parts and it has a single internal rotating cylinder inside. These ball bearings have a porous characteristic that draw up to the oil applied on the outer part of the sleeve. Oils can help to move the radial bearing freely and smoothly. These sleeve bearings are made with compressed powdered metal such as bronze or copper. Type of bearing or model numbering of bearing represents the shaft offset in millimeters, whether vertical, or horizontal to port or starboard. Sleeve bearing is a part of many machines used in everyday life just like, home appliances, fans, automobiles and office machinery all may use sleeve bearings. Various types of bearings are for different applications are available to suit your requirements for your operations. Visit Knight Automation’ place for your needs and let them help you to make your application more efficient and effective. Samples of available sleeve bearings are the Models 480-1080 are giving a torque range from 90 to 1,200 kNm. In maintaining the effectiveness of sleeve bearings, always check for the lubrication. Always maintain the designated and appropriate lubricant that the sleeve bearing needed. And also consider carefully where the sleeve bearing is to be used in the machine before using…show more content…
One of these marine automation system products is this Booster Electric Water Heater. These electric water heaters are designed to marine applications. These kinds of devices are made as heating requirements for manufacturing process and any related works. Each part of these marine electric water heaters are reliable for the operation. These electric water heaters use electric resistance elements to heat the water in the storage tank using two electric resistance elements which are located at the top and bottom of the tank. And also these electric water heaters are can be a good match for an intelligent electrical power distribution system just like on power plants, generating companies and energy supplying companies. If you want to avail these kinds of electric water heaters, check this out at Knight Automation. Features: • Simple to specify and easy to operate • Ignition protected • Temperature pressure relief valve includes in the

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