Knightley Character Analysis

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Emma associates Knightley with any thoughts of amiable, respectable, well-mannered gentlemen. In every recollection of hers of the past, he is the first one in her thoughts – what he was doing and saying, where he sat or stood, and how gentleman-like his behavior was. An example of a situation that demonstrates Emma's incessant preoccupation with Knightley is when her friend Harriet tries to remind her of the time when Mr. Elton left his pencil at Hartfield. Emma doesn’t manage to recall the day according to Harriet's description. Only when something reminds her that Knightley was present, is she able to remember the instance. "I do remember it…Mr. Knightley and I both saying we liked it…Mr. Knightley was standing just here…" (p. 256). She remembers exactly what he said to her and where he stood, even though moments before, she couldn’t even remember the occurrence. One of the most common situations, almost a cliché', when one person is infatuated with another is the desire to run into them by chance. This can be seen when Emma leaves Hartfield and expresses her hope "…that she might see Mr. Knightley in her way…" (p. 285). It is also quite apparent when Emma arrives at the Cole's, and she is "pleased to see that it was Mr. Knightley…" (p. 160) Emma also constantly compares between Mr. Knightley to any other man whose name…show more content…
In fact, Emma frequently realizes that he was right; "Emma knew this was too true for contradiction…" (p. 46). This can also be seen in the 1996 film when Emma is able to admit that she "was completely mistaken about Mr. Elton". In spite of this, it takes Emma a long period of time to prove to Mr. Knightley that she is willing and able to become the person that she thinks he can admire and
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